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TTXID: Definition of Text IDs  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

This control table contains all text IDs supported by SAPscript. Text IDs are always allocated to a text object. The key of this table thus consists of the text object and a four-digit text ID. You can use the SAPscript function modules only to process texts whose IDs are stored in this table.

The table is client-independent. To maintain the table, call transaction SE75 by choosing Tools Word processing Settings.

TDINCLID: include ID

You use the INCLUDE statement to include the contents of a second text into the first text. To specify the text you want to include, you must also enter the text ID. If it is missing in the INCLUDE statement, the system uses the default ID (if any) which you can specify in this field.

TDSHOWNAME: display text name

This field determines whether the name of a text appears in the title line of the SAPscript text editor together with other information.

By default, this title line consists of the following fields:

<text ID> <activity>: <text name> <text> Language <language key>

<text ID>: long text of the text ID from table TTXIT

<activity>: The activity is determined by the call of the text editor or by the current activity within the text editor (change, display, insert, mark).

<text name>: name of the currently edited text

<text>: additional text, which the application program may specify when calling the text editor

<language key>: language key of the currently edited text

If the field is empty, the system does not display the text name in the title line of the editor. This allows you to set any title text in the editor when calling EDIT_TEXT with the parameter EDITOR_TITLE. The system displays this title in addition to the other headings generated by SAPscript in the title bar. You can use this to display difficult technical text names in the title bar in decrypted form.

TDTEXTTYPE: text format

This field determines the format of the text. If in table TTXOB the field TDTEXTTYPE is empty for the object to which a text ID belongs, the system uses the format specified here for the text ID. Otherwise, the entry made for the text object prevails.

If this field is empty, the system interprets the text in ITF format and calls the SAPscript editor.

TDKEYSTRUC: structure of the text key

In this field, you can store the name of a structure which describes the key structure of the name field of the text module. This field is used for documentation only and is not evaluated by SAPscript.

TDOBLIGAT: reserve

SAPscript does currently not evaluate this field.

TDDELPROT: reserve

SAPscript does currently not evaluate this field.

TDINCLRES: reserve

SAPscript does currently not evaluate this field.