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TTXOB: Definition of the Text Objects  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

The control table TTXOB contains the definitions of the text objects supported by SAPscript. The table's key is the 10-digit text object. Using the SAPscript function modules, you can process only texts whose objects are stored in this table. If you pass an object name to a SAPscript function module that is not defined in table TTXOB, the function module triggers the exception OBJECT.

The table is client-independent. To maintain it, choose Tools Word processing Settings to call transaction SE75.


TDSAVEMODE: storage mode

You can enter the following values in this field:


direct storage


storage in update task

' '

text not stored in the text file


Usually, you are not allowed to change this parameter, since the application programs must execute extra functions depending on the storage mode (for example, COMMIT_TEXT).


TDAPPL: editor interface

The parameter specifies the editor interface set when a text with this object is edited in the SAPscript text editor. The interface must be defined for program SAPLSTXX.

The specified interface determines the first two letters of a status set. Depending on the processing mode (change, display, insert, mark), the SAPscript editor supplies the last two characters of the four-digit status name.


TDLINESIZE: line width of the editor

Maximum line width allowed for a text in the editor.


TDSTYLE: default style

If you create a new text module, the system automatically allocates the style specified in this field. The style determines the paragraph and character formats. Depending on the editor interface, you can change this style in retrospect.


TDFORM: default form

If you create a new text module, the system proposes the form specified in this field. It is used, if you print the text module from within the text editor. If you print the text module from within the application program, you can specify another form when calling the corresponding function module. Depending on the text interface, you may be allowed to change the default form in the text editor.

If you do not define a default form, SAPscript uses the form SYSTEM.


TDTEXTTYPE: text format

This field determines the format of the text. Depending on the format, the system calls the appropriate editor. You can specify the format both for a text object in table TTXOB and for a text ID in table TTXID. If you use table TTXOB to specify a format, it applies to all IDs that belong to this object.

If you specify a format neither in table TTXOB not in table TTXID, the system interprets the text in ITF format and calls the SAPscript editor.