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To include a text into any text module, the user enters the INCLUDE control statement in the SAPscript editor. When formatting the text for print output, the system reads the text lines of the specified text and inserts them in the current text printout.

In each text, several INLCUDE statements can appear together with other text lines. In the SAPscript editor, you can see only the INCLUDE statement, not the lines of the text you include. With an INCLUDE statement, you always include all lines of the specified text. You can nest INCLUDE statements.

If you change a text, these changes effect all texts that include it. If you delete a text, a corresponding INCLUDE statement is without effect.

To change text lines of an included text, you must resolve the INCLUDE statement. In the text editor, choose Edit Selected area Expand INCLUDE. The system now copies the text lines into the current text and deletes the INCLUDE statement. Afterwards, there is no more link to the text originally specified in the INCLUDE statement. This means, that changes to the original text no longer effect the current text.

You cannot INCLUDE any texts, but are restricted to texts of certain text objects and text IDs, depending on the text environment the INCLUDE statement appears in. When including a standard text, SAPscript checks whether the user has the display authorization for this text.

For more information, see the documentation Style and Form Maintenance under the description of the INCLUDE statement.