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Process documentation Copying Texts  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

To copy SAPscript text, proceed like this:

  1. Read the text you want to copy using READ_TEXT.
  2. Rename the text by entering the new values into the fields TDOBJECT, TDNAME, TDID in the text header.
  3. Save the text using SAVE_TEXT.

Use this procedure if the text to be copied is a model only and will be modified before saving, either from within the program or by the user in the text editor.

The disadvantage of this procedure is that the entire text is read into the internal work areas and then rewritten to the text database, possibly without any changes. The performance of this procedure is bad, especially so, if you want to copy a lot of texts in one transaction and store them using the update task.

In such a case, you better use the function module COPY_TEXTS: Enter the key of the texts to be copies and their new names into a table. The system then copies the texts by copying only the required data records.