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According to the structure of a text (text header and text lines table), programs that use the SAPscript programming interface must create the appropriate work areas to store these components of a text.

The text header includes all administrative information on a text module. It must be specified with all SAPscript function modules supplied for processing a text module. Its structure is described in the structure THEAD.

The lines table accepts the lines of a text. The structure of a text line is determined by the structure TLINE. All text lines passed to SAPscript using the function module interface must have this line structure.

The specified work areas can contain the information for one text only. If you want to process several texts at the same time, you must create a work area set for each text. After completely processing one text, for example, after saving the text, its work areas can be used for another text. To do this, either use, for example, READ_TEXT to transfer a new text into the work areas, or use INIT_TEXT to initialize them for a new text module.


Text Header : THEAD

Structure TLINE of the Lines Table

Example: Creating Work Areas in the Program