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Modifications to texts should be executed in the same ways as modifications to the application object to which the text is allocated via the text object. This means that text modifications must be stored in the update task whenever the application object uses the update task to store data.

You use the storage mode to determine how a text is stored. You can set the storage mode for each text object used to allocate texts to application objects. The storage modes used by SAPscript are stored in table TTXOB:

The system immediately executes all SAPscript functions that change text files.

The system saves changes to text modules internally when the corresponding function is called and only writes them to the text file in the update task, together with changes to the application object.

All other storage modes are not supported by SAPscript. Those texts are not stored in the text file. If you want to store a text that uses such a storage mode using functions from the SAPscript programming interface, the corresponding function module triggers the exception SAVEMODE and stops.


Storing Texts Directly

Storing Texts in Update Task

Renaming Texts