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Form for Formatting Output  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

A style determines only the paragraph and character formats. To layout the individual print pages, you define forms in SAPscript. You can also specify paragraph and character formats in forms. If no style is allocated to a text, the system uses the paragraph or character formats defined in the form under the same names. If no form is allocated to a text, the system automatically uses the form SYSTEM.

The form is stored in the text header in field TDFORM. When initializing the text using INIT_TEXT, the system copies the default value from the corresponding field in table TTXOB into the text header. After initializing or reading a text, you can change the form by entering another form into the text header. If you want to allocate a form for printing only, simply specify the form in the text header before calling the function module PRINT_TEXT. With certain text objects, the user can change the form in the text editor, provided the text interface offers the corresponding menu functions. The system then stores the form together with the text.


A form specified in the text header is used only if you format a text directly from within the editor or print it using the function module PRINT_TEXT. If you pass a text to the function module WRITE_FORM_LINES, the system ignores the form specified in the text header and uses the form opened with OPEN_FORM or START_FORM instead.