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Editor Title Line   Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

SAPscript displays the following status information in the title line of the editor:

<text ID> <action >: <text name> <text> Language <language key>

The fields have the following meanings:

Long text of the text ID from table TTXIT

The current action is defined by the call of the text editor or by the current processing step within the text editor (change, display, mark, insert).

Name of the currently edited text.

Additional text from the application program.

Language ID of the currently edited text.

You can modify this default information.

If the field TDSHOWNAME in table TTXID is empty, the display of the text name is suppressed.

The contents of field <text> is supplied by the application program. Its value is passed using the parameter EDITOR_TITLE when the text editor is called.

The application program can even lay out the title line of the editor completely to its own requirements, by using the parameter CONTROL of the function modules EDIT_TEXT or EDIT_TEXT_INLINE. If the parameter field USERTITLE contains an X, the title line preset by SAPscript is completely suppressed. The system then displays only the text passed in the parameter EDITOR_TITLE. If you use a variable & in this parameter, the system replaces it with the editing function (Display <-> Change,...).