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Line Width  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

This attribute determines the line width to be used for this text in the text editor. A SAPscript text line may consist of up to 132 characters.

The editor can display only 72 characters of a text line. If the line width exceeds 72, you can shift the editor display horizontally and thus switch between the left and the right text part. If you set the line width to less than 72, in the editor you can use only as many characters as specified.


Beware that a very small line width may cause problems, since control statements must be contained in one line, and they may be too long then.

You define the line width in table TTXOB in field TDLINESIZE. When initializing the text using the function module INIT_TEXT, the system passes the value you enter here into the corresponding field in the text header. You can modify the line width for each individual text by changing the line size in the text header in field TDLINESIZE after calling the function module READ_TEXT or INIT_TEXT. The system saves the new line width together with the text module.


The line width of the text editor does not effect the line width of a text prepared for printing. This width is determined only from the definition of the paragraph format, the chosen font, and the window width within the form.