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Output to the TOP or BOTTOM Areas of the Main Window  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

To write output into the TOP or BOTTOM areas of the main window, set the parameter TYPE to TOP or BOTTOM. You can use this parameter with WRITE_FORM and WRITE_FORM_LINES. As for all output to windows other than MAIN, you can use the parameter FUNCTION to control further text processing.


All lines of the TOP or BOTTOM area are replaced with the text lines or text element lines passed with this call.


The old contents of the TOP or BOTTOM area remain; the new text lines are appended. The value APPEND is the default for the parameter FUNCTION.


You can use this function with WRITE_FORM only. It deletes the text element placed in the TOP or BOTTOM area using SET or APPEND.


You cannot delete text lines placed into the window using WRITE_FORM_LINES. To delete these lines, you must first delete the entire TOP or BOTTOM area using SET, and then write the required texts again.