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Output to a Window of Type VAR or CONST   Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

If you want to write output to another window that the main window, you must use the parameter WINDOW to specify the name of that window. The window need not be defined on the current page.

All other window are processed after the main window. The system first gathers all output directed to them. It stores the text lines to be output in the ITF format; it does not format them at the moment when the function modules WRITE_FORM or WRITE_FORM_LINES are called. Only if the main window triggers a page break does the system format the texts in the other windows and places them in the output queue. This is of special importance when you use variables. They are replaced with the values valid after processing the main window.

The texts gathered for these windows are output again whenever the corresponding window reappears on a subsequent form page. To modify the text contents, you must set the appropriate values of the parameter FUNCTION:

Deletes all text lines placed into the window. The system stores the text lines or text element lines passed with the current call for future calls of the window.

The old window contents remain. New text lines are appended. APPEND is the default value of parameter FUNCTION.

You can use this function with WRITE_FORM only. It deletes the text element placed into this window using SET or APPEND.


You cannot delete text lines placed into the window using WRITE_FORM_LINES. To delete these lines, you must first delete the entire window contents using SET, and then write the required texts again.