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Text Lines

To pass the text lines of a text to the output form, use the function module WRITE_FORM_LINES. You must include the text header. However, the SAPscript composer evaluates only the field containing the style (TDSTYLE). If it contains a style, SAPscript uses the layout specifications for paragraph and character formats of this style. If no style is specified, it formats the text according to the paragraph and character formats specified in the form. Paragraph formats that do not exist in the form are replaced by the valid default paragraph formats.

With WRITE_FORM_LINES, you can pass only texts in the SAPscript ITF format. The system does not accept text lines in other formats (field TDTEXTTYPE in the text header > SPACE). In the latter case, the system leaves the function module without further notice.

Text Elements

To call text elements defined in the currently open form, use the function module WRITE_FORM, specifying the name of the desired text element.


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