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If SAPscript does not find the specified form, it automatically searches for another version of the same form. SAPscript proceeds as follows:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

The SAPscript form processor can use generated forms only. It executes cross-client search only if the current client does not contain a generated version of the form. If during the search it finds a form in another client, it generates the form and stores it in the client from which the search started. If the form is started again, the composer finds it in the current client.

If you use forms delivered by SAP without any modifications, you need not copy these into your production client. SAPscript automatically searches for a form in client 0 if it does not exist in the current client. It then stores the generated version of the form in the production client. If you modify SAP forms, this modification always takes place in a client > 0. Thus, the original SAP version of the form is preserved in the client 0.