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Defining a Subsequent Page Dynamically  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

The page sequence set in the form definition can be changed by the application program dynamically at runtime. If you want the form to start with a page other than the one defined in the form header, specify the desired start page using the parameter STARTPAGE when you call the function module START_FORM. However, this new start page is valid only for the current call of the function module.

If you want to break to a subsequent page other than the one specified in the page definition, use the control statement NEW-PAGE to set the name of the new page.

NEW-PAGE <page>.

NEW-PAGE ends the output on the current page. The new subsequent page is only valid for the current call of the control statement. You can either include the control statement explicitly into the text of a text element or pass it to the form output using the function module CONTROL_FORM.