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SAP applications (FI, CO, MM and so on) deliver standardized forms and print programs that customers may have to adapt to their special needs. Only the close interaction of print program and predefined form allows the user to print forms such as orders or invoices.

One important feature of SAPscript is that forms contain texts with variables besides the layout information. These variables are replaced independent of the formatting and appear as values in the printout. The print program is responsible for retrieving the data from the SAP system and for the control logic of the output.

This allows the user of SAPscript forms to separate the logic of retrieving data from the layout of the output. The print program retrieves or calculates the required data and determines their output order. SAPscript is responsible for formatting and positioning this data on a print page. Thus, you can modify the layout of the form without having to change the print program.

At runtime of the print program, SAPscript can automatically access data that is defined in the controlling program. Technically speaking: SAPscript retrieves the values directly from the data fields of this program.

Example of a Print Program




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