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The figure below shows a simple example of an invoice form created using SAPscript. Each form consists of a start page and any number of subsequent pages, depending on the length of the letter text. In this example, the start page consists of an area for outputting the address, an information window containing reference data and the date, a window containing company-related data, and a main window for the actual letter text. This window for the letter text appears on the subsequent pages as well, and, in addition, a window for page numbering.

The window for the text body differs from the other windows. Whenever this window on one page is full, the remaining text is automatically output on the subsequent page. The window thus controls the page break. There can be only one window that triggers a page break. Such a window in SAPscript is called main window.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

Example of an invoice form in SAPscript