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To use forms efficiently, it is essential that you understand the interdependencies between the individual components of SAPscript.

SAPscript comprises these five components:

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In short, form maintenance means to allocate to a text document a form that contains the information on how to layout the text (formats, fonts, layout, and so on). The print program retrieves the required data from the form and from the database and controls the output. You use certain function modules to activate the SAPscript composer, which is responsible for processing the form.

Not every user of the SAP system works with every component of SAPscript. Depending on the task, a user is confronted with different components.


This documentation explains the basic principles of printing texts using forms. It describes in detail the interaction of form and print program and offers examples for better understanding.

Building on this basic knowledge, the documentation then describes the programming interface which allows you to integrate the word processing functionality offered by SAPscript into ABAP programs. This interface is a collection of ABAP function modules, different data structures, and control tables.

Printing texts using forms

The programming interface