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 Reorganization of Worklists


You use this function to delete worklists that are older than a specified number of days.


If you use the integration with SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence and transfer worklists to the BI system, you have to ensure that the worklists to be reorganized have been transferred to the BI system before you run the reorganization function. You do not delete any data in the BI system with this function!

Note Note

For additional information on the prerequisites for integration with SAPNetWeaver Business Intelligence , see the documentation for the individual BI objects.

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If you want to delete a worklist that has errors , for example, because the settings in Customizing were incorrect, use the deletion function in the Monitor for Parallel Program Runs . For more information, see Monitor for Parallel Program Runs .


To run the function for reorganizing the worklists, from the SAP Easy Access screen choose Start of the navigation path Accounting Next navigation step Financial Supply Chain Management Next navigation step Collections Management Next navigation step Periodic Processing Next navigation step Worklists Next navigation step Reorganization of Worklists End of the navigation path .