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Simple transformations are created as ST programs. ST programs are defined as transformations in the ABAP Workbench and called using the ABAP statement CALL TRANSFORMATION. The corresponding ST processor is integrated in the ABAP runtime environment.

Compared to XSL transformations, which are also defined in the ABAP Workbench and can be called using CALL TRANSFORMATION, ST has the following characteristics:

·        Simpler (but also declarative) language

·        Greater efficiency due to restriction to serial access to XML data, which means that you cannot access the nodes of an XML document in any sequence.

·        Greater efficiency through direct addressing of the ABAP data in the program. The canonical XML representation of ABAP data (asXML) is not required as an interim step.

·        Simultaneous description of serialization and deserialization through a single ST program.

·        Restriction to transformations between ABAP data and XML. Transformations between ABAP and ABAP or XML and XML are not supported.

·        Restriction to the transformation of elementary and structured ABAP data, along with internal tables. The transformation of reference variables and referenced objects is not currently supported.



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