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 Investment Order


Special order that settles the costs of an investment measure to an asset under construction (AuC).

Investment measures are used to create new assets or maintain existing assets to increase their value, which you must then capitalize.


You should assign an investment order account to an AuC if the maintenance work is to continue across a period limit (for example, end of the year) or if the asset is to be activated as a line item.

Note Note

An investment order does not necessarily have to be assigned to an investment program.

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You can link an investment order to a notification .

The system usually creates an asset under construction automatically when the investment order is released. However, you can also create the asset under construction manually if you want to maintain data other than that proposed by the system.

After an asset under construction has been generated for the investment order, the system sets the status AUC (asset under construction exists).

Note Note

When you flag an investment order for deletion, the AuC is automatically deactivated.

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