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Procedure documentation Activating Objects in the Background  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


It is particularly important to activate objects in the background if the activation of a large number of objects is likely to result in long runtimes. In this case you should select a start time that ensures that the objects are activated at a time when the system is not so busy.


  1. Choose System ® Services ® Table maintenance Extended table maintenance.
  2. The initial screen of Extended Table Maintenance appears.

  3. Enter table name TACOB and choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying textMaintain.
  4. Specify the object to be activated in the next screen with the object type and object name.

  5. Enter the object types and object names.
  6. There is an input help for the Otyp field that displays the possible object types.

  7. Save your entries and exit Extended table maintenance.

With the mass activation program, now schedule a background job for activating the entries in table TACOB (call Report RADMASG0).