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Procedure for Displaying the Requests

Choose DB Requests ® Mass processing in the initial screen of the database utility to obtain a list of all entries for mass processing that you yourself scheduled and which have not yet been processed. Only requests for which no job has yet been scheduled for processing and those which are still running or have terminated are displayed here.

You can obtain the list of all scheduled and not yet processed requests in the system by choosing All requests. You can return to the display of the requests you scheduled with Own requests.

You can obtain a list of all entries for mass processing which arose from an import of objects from another system and which have not yet been processed successfully with DB Requests ® Created with import.

Information in the Lists

These lists contain the following information:

Scheduling jobs


A corresponding job must be scheduled so that the requests for mass processing can be processed. Requests for which no job has yet been entered in the field Job name are therefore not processed.

You can schedule a job for the displayed request directly by selecting the required entries in the first column and choosing Schedule selected. A dialog box then appears in which you can specify the time when the job is to be started.

Deleting Scheduled Requests

You can delete scheduled requests by selecting the corresponding line and choosing This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Marked.