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 Use of Default Values for the Order


You use this function to:

  • Use certain constant data as default values for each order you create

  • Configure certain user-specific process flows in the system

It enables an order to be created more quickly.


You can define define default values in the system for the following data groups and functional process flows:

  • General default values

This is data concerning processing and organization.

  • Data for the reference object

Here you can also define which view of the reference object should be provided on the initial screen of the order.

  • Control data

Here you can define which system process flows should be valid if you:

Put the order in process

Maintain the settlement rule for the order

Copy task lists into the order

  • External processing data

This is data concerning external services and procurement options.

  • External procurement data

This is data concerning purchasing.

  • Sales data

This is data concerning the sales organization.

In the standard system, this function is only provided for service orders.


To select the default values in the order, choose Start of the navigation path Extras Next navigation step Settings Next navigation step Default values End of the navigation path .