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 1.1.6 Checking Form Scenario Consistency


In this sublesson you check all settings related to form scenario ZTFS:

  • Definition of the form scenario

  • Definition of the linked ISR scenario

  • Definition of the back-end service used in the form scenario

The results of these checks are displayed in a log, using information, error messages, and warnings. You must correct incorrect settings or the form scenario cannot run. Warnings refer to incomplete or inconsistent settings.

Recommendation Recommendation

Also correct inconsistent settings to avoid restricting the features of the form scenario.

End of the recommendation.


Form scenario ZTFS to check must be linked to ISR scenario ZTFS.


  1. Perform the Check Consistency of Form Scenarios IMG activity.

  2. Enter ZTFS as the form scenario and 0 as the version.

  3. Choose Execute.

  4. Process any error messages and warnings that occur.