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Function documentationRescheduling of Maintenance Plans After Changing the Strategy


It may be necessary for you to change a maintenance strategy. Since a maintenance strategy can be used in several maintenance plans, all the changes that affect a maintenance package are copied to all maintenance plans to which the strategy is assigned. However, you must adjust the dates for all affected maintenance plans manually.

This function enables you to reschedule maintenance plans automatically if a maintenance strategy is changed in your productive system. This means, for example, that the changed maintenance cycle is transferred to the next scheduled dates of all active maintenance plans according to the cycle.


When you save your changes to a maintenance strategy, the system asks if you want the maintenance plans to be rescheduled:

  • If not, this is the end of the process, and you have to adjust the maintenance plans manually.

  • If you choose "Yes", the system selects and lists all active maintenance plans that use the changed maintenance strategy.

You can now decide between the following options for each maintenance plan:

  • The changed maintenance strategy is to apply after the last planned date.

  • The changed maintenance strategy is not to apply until after the next planned date.

The system reschedules the active maintenance plans according to your selection. It uses existing data to determine the last maintenance package used, and uses the planned date as a basis. The system takes both the shift factor and the confirmation date into account. It ignores any existing offsets (shifts as compared with the original plan). The system deletes any outstanding schedule records. It only reschedules the maintenance plans that fulfill the following criteria:

  • Maintenance plans for which scheduling has run at least once

  • Maintenance plans that have at least one call waiting

Maintenance plans that are not selected are locked for all changes and scheduling. You have to reschedule these later.

Note Note

Changes to scheduling parameters and cycle modification factors at maintenance item level are not covered.

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To reschedule locked maintenance plans later, choose the function from the SAP Easy Access menu manually as follows: Start of the navigation path Plant Maintenance Next navigation step Preventive Maintenance Next navigation step Maintenance Planning Next navigation step Maintenance Strategies Next navigation step Rescheduling of Maintenance Plans End of the navigation path