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 1.1.5 Synchronizing Form Fields


In this sublesson you synchronize the form scenario with the ISR scenario. The system reads the form fields of the linked form scenario and automatically creates all required form fields ( Characteristics ) in the ISR scenario.

You must synchronize to create an interactive form.

If you enhance the form scenario at a later date and add new fields, you must then synchronize again. This is the only way to guarantee the consistency of the ISR scenario.

Without this synchronization the form scenario cannot run, and data may be lost when the process is run.


  1. Perform the Create ISR Scenario IMG activity.

  2. Select ISR scenario ZTFS.

  3. Choose Version in the dialog structure.

    The detail screen for version 0 of ISR scenario ZTFS appears.

  4. Choose Features in the dialog structure.

  5. Choose Synchronize Form Fields.

  6. The form fields from form scenario ZTFS are displayed in a list.

  7. Save your data.

    Note Note

    The list contains two additional fields: HRASR_PREVIOUS_NOTES and HRASR_CURRENT_NOTES. These fields are always automatically generated by the system.

    End of the note.
  8. Complete the processing.


The form scenario and the ISR scenario are synchronized.