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 Data Synchronization and Creation of Worklists


This process is a prerequisite for collecting receivables. The process steps run mostly automatically and are monitored by an administrator. The process covers the following process steps:

  • Replicate customer master data

  • Transfer data from Accounts Receivable (FI-AR) to Collections Management

  • Create worklists

  • Monitor processes

Replicate customer master data

The system replicates customer master data to business partner master data automatically. Changes to customer master data or business partner master data are synchronized immediately.

Data specific to Collections Management is added to the replicated business partner master data by means of regularly scheduled reports. A separate role is created for the business partner master record. In this role, a collection group and collection specialist are assigned to the customer.

Transfer data from Accounts Receivable (FI-AR) to Collections Management

To create worklists, data for open items, last payments, and certain key figures is transferred from the customer master record to tables in Collections Management . The customer numbers are converted into the numbers of the replicated business partners.

In the initial data transfer, all data for companies (company codes) relevant for Collections Management is transferred. In the subsequent delta procedure, only the changes are transferred.

The worklists are created based on the data transferred from Accounts Receivable . To ensure that the worklist is up-to-date, you must always transfer the data before the worklists are created.

Create worklists

When you create worklists, all customers for whom there are open items are selected and valuated. If the customers fulfill the collection rules of the collection strategies assigned to them, a worklist item is created for the customer and assigned to the collection specialist defined in the business partner master record.

Worklist items not assigned can be distributed to all collection specialists of the collection group assigned to the business partner master record.

Monitor processes

The system administrators have access to tools for monitoring the master data replication and for creating the collection role of business partners and worklists.