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  PDC Systems


You can also enter completion confirmations at a plant data collection (PDC) sub-system. A PDC sub-system is a data entry system used to record data. This data is copied to the SAP system at a specific time.


There are standardized interfaces to PDC systems. Certain PDC system manufacturers can use these interfaces in the standard system and are certified to do so by SAP AG. For more information about these interfaces, see PP – PDC Interface .


Plant data collection is a cross-application function. Your system administration makes the required system settings in Customizing in order to transfer data from the SAP system to the PDC system (download) and from the PDC system to the SAP system (upload). The Customizing settings also determine, for example, which data is to be transferred and at what intervals.

Note Note

How you proceed with plant data collection in the sub-system depends on the sub-system used in your company. For more information, contact your system administration.

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