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 Subsequent Update for Dispute Cases and Promises to Pay


With this function you can update the amounts of the following objects at a later time:

Dispute cases (component SAP Dispute Management )

Promises to pay (component SAP Collections Management )

In a normal situation, the system updates a dispute case or a promise to pay as soon as it clears the related line items. However, there are special cases where an immediate update is not possible. In these cases, you can use this function to perform the update later.


This function is useful if you use one of the components named above and Accounts Receivable Accounting (FI-AR) in a one-system scenario.


You are posting the clearing of a line item, for example.

The related dispute case or promise to pay is currently being processed by a colleague, for example, and is therefore blocked. The system cannot update the dispute case or promise to pay automatically at this time.

The system performs the following steps:

In order not to delay the processes in Accounts Receivable Accounting (FI-AR), it posts the clearing of the line item.

In a dialog box, it displays a document that informs you that you need to update later.

To perform this subsequent update, in this dialog box choose Inbox

Your Business Workplace appears.

Choose InboxUnread Documents

The list of your unread documents appears.

Select the corresponding document and choose Execute

The screen Subsequent Update for Dispute Cases and Promises to Pay from the program FDM_PROCESS_BUFFER appears.

Start the program.

In an update run, the system runs the subsequent update immediately, that is, with no further information required. It runs the subsequent update for all documents that have arisen since the last subsequent update.

As confirmation, the system displays a log with the status of the individual subsequent updates.

If you do not want to run the function immediately after posting, you have the following alternatives:

You access your Business Workplace from the SAP Easy Access screen at a later point in time. Choose OfficeWorkplace.

Schedule program FDM_PROCESS_BUFFER periodically.