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Master records have to exist in the system for all warranty partners in Warranty Claim Processing so that when posting warranty claims, credit and debit memos can be created and posted to the appropriate customer and vendor accounts.

You create master records in Warranty Processing in basically the same way as in the standard applications. The following paragraphs therefore only describe the settings that are specific to Warranty Claim Processing.

You create a customer master record for each claimant and a vendor master record for each reimburser .


You use the vendor master record in MM and the customer master record in SD to create the business partners.

You can find further information in the standard documentation under Vendor Master Data and Processing Customer Master Records .


  • Each vendor/creditor also has to be assigned to itself as debtor in the vendor master record, otherwise problems occur in pricing and during FI postings. This debtor must have been created in the appropriate sales organization.

  • You must maintain the company code data and the sales area data in the customer master record. You only have to maintain the company code data in the vendor master record; purchasing organization data is not required. You must enter the reconciliation account in the company code data.


  • Choose transactions XK01, XK02, XK03 to create, change and display vendors/creditors.

  • Choose transactions XD01, XD02, XD03 to create, change and display customers/debtors.