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You can use this integration scenario to transfer data from SAP E-Recruiting to HCM Processes and Forms and initiate processes such as hiring a new employee.


The NewHire integration scenario is located in the Integration Repository in the software component SAP HR in the namespace .

Process Flow

The integration scenario consists of the following asynchronous communication steps between the SAP E-Recruiting system and the HR system:

  1. Hire Request Out

    In the SAP E-Recruiting system, the recruiter triggers the data transfer for an external candidate. The data is transferred with the periodic service for the data transfer using XI to the HR system.

  2. Hire Request In

    1. The HR system receives the HireRequest XI message and triggers inbound processing.

      The system determines the XI scenario involved and creates a process object in which the data and attachments received in the XI message are stored.

      The system starts a workflow that contains interactive steps for selecting and starting a process.

    2. With this workflow, an HR Administrator receives a work item with the following information in his or her universal worklist (UWL) :

      • A list of possible processes to trigger

      • The attachments received through the XI message and field values of the XI message

        The HR Administrator receives this information in an Adobe form that is generated by a form scenario specifically created for this purpose, the “form scenario for the XI message type”.

        Based on this data, the HR Administrator selects a process from the list.

    3. In a second workflow step, either the same or a different HR Administrator receives a work item in his or her universal worklist (UWL) for starting the process that the HR Administrator selected in the previous step.

      The form fields can be filled with default field values from the XI message. The attachments from the XI message can also be available to the HR Administrator. This depends on how you configure the data transfer from the form scenario for the XI message type to the form scenario of the process to be triggered.

    4. The HR Administrator starts the process. Either the HR Administrator or others involved in the process enhance and correct the data transferred from the SAP E-Recruiting system as required.

    Note Note

    If only one process is available, this step is skipped, and step 2c is performed.

    End of the note.
  3. Hire Confirmation Out

    If the HR system creates a new personnel number, it sends confirmation to the SAP E-Recruiting system once the process is complete.

  4. Hire Confirmation In

    The SAP E-Recruiting system receives the new personnel number that was created in the HR system and assigns it to the external candidate. With the personnel number, the external candidate can now be managed as an internal candidate in the E-Recruiting system. This prevents the new employee from being created as an internal candidate again (although he or she already exists as a candidate in the E-Recruiting system) during the next ALE distribution of HR master data from the HR system to the E-Recruiting system.

    Note Note

    Steps 3 and 4 are optional. They are only performed if the HR system creates a new personnel number.

    End of the note.