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 Technical Completion of an Order


You usually complete an order technically once the maintenance work planned in the order has been performed.


You use the technical completion of an order to define the following information for the order:

  • The order obtains the status Technically completed . The order is marked as complete for Plant Maintenance.

  • Now you can only make the following changes:

  • Lock and unlock the order

  • Set the deletion flag

  • Post goods receipts for the order

  • You can still enter confirmations for a technically completed order. In order to prevent this, you must create a user status that does not permit confirmations.

  • The storage location and account assignment data entered for the order are fixed and can no longer be changed. However, the order can still receive costs, for example, through incoming invoices for materials delivered and used.

Note Note

If no settlement rule has yet been maintained for the order, the system creates one automatically. If missing data makes this impossible, the system takes you to the screen for maintaining the settlement rule .

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  • All the existing purchase requisitions for the order are flagged for deletion.

  • All the existing reservations for the order are cleared.

  • All outstanding capacities which have been scheduled for the order are cleared.

  • All the notifications for the order are also completed, unless prevented for one of the following reasons:

  • The Complete notifications indicator was not set in the Complete dialog box.

  • One or more tasks have not been completed.

  • A user status in the notification prevents it from been completed.

You can make changes to the maintenance process procedure when completing orders. You can, for example, prevent all users that are allowed to complete orders and notifications from using this data simultaneously to change the scheduling of maintenance plans. For more information, see Separate Completion of Maintenance Call Dates .