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 Assignment of Profiles


With this function you can assign a collection profile to business partners. You can start the functions with the following modes:

Create Collections Management role:

If you start the program in this mode, the business partners selected, if they do not exist already, are created in the role Collections Management and a collection profile is assigned. You use this mode to prepare the business partners replicated from the customers of your Financial Accounting for Collections Management .

Replace collection profile:

In this mode, the collection profile is replaced in the business partners selected.

Since the data volume can be very large, you can distribute the data over several background jobs and application servers. This procedure is described as parallel processing.


You can influence the assignment of profiles as follows:

You can use the selection criteria business partner number, date of creation, business partner category, and business partner grouping.

If you start the program in Replace Collection Profile mode, you can also select by collection profile.

If you use SAP Credit Management , you can also further restrict the resulting hit list by criteria specific to Credit Management, such as the risk class and score.

You can override the collection profile that you have to enter on the selection screen using a Business Add-In (BAdI). To implement this BAdI, in Customizing for Financial Supply Chain Management , run the activity Collections Management Basic Settings for Collections Management Business Partners BAdI: Determination of Profile for Business Partner

If you use parallel processing, you have to specify the application servers or server group on which the data processing is to be started and the number of jobs over which the data processing is to be distributed.

Before you start the run, make sure that the application servers involved provide the specified number of background jobs.

For more information about monitoring and managing parallel runs, see the section Monitor for Parallel Program Runs .

You can start the program in test mode and, in the log, check which changes the system would carry out based on your selection.


To run the function, from the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Accounting Financial Supply Chain Management Collections Management Periodic Processing Business Partners Assignment of Profiles