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 Document Flow


The document flow shows consecutive documents that are directly tied to a business transaction. The individual documents form document chains. The document flow gives you an overview of the consecutive documents and their status. All preceding and subsequent documents will be shown for each document you call up. In addition, reference documents are displayed.


The following objects are mapped in the document flow:

  • Maintenance and service processing

    • Maintenance plan item

    • Service notification

    • Service order

    • Maintenance notification

    • Maintenance order

    • Paging object (for example, a document)

    • Time confirmation

    • Request for quotation

    • Service entry sheet

    • Invoice document

  • Materials Management

    • Purchase requisition and purchase order

    • Goods receipt, goods issue, and their cancellation / reversal

  • Quality Management

    • Quality notification

  • Sales and Distribution

    • Service contract

    • Contract

    • Request for quotation

    • Quotation

    • Sales order and free-of-charge order

    • Delivery

    • Debit memo request and debit memo

    • Returns and returns delivery

    • Credit memo request

    • Credit memo and credit memo reversal

    • Invoice and invoice reversal

Special Features in the Order

Only those documents are displayed which are directly assigned to an order.

All the items of purchase requisitions, purchase orders, goods movements, and confirmations are displayed. Deleted items are highlighted in color.

Purchase requisitions, purchase orders, goods movements, and confirmations are assigned to the header or to the operation to which they belong. Under that, purchase orders are assigned to the purchase requisitions to which they belong and goods receipts are assigned to the purchase orders to which they belong.

You can not only start the document flow from the order, but also from the sales documents “sales order”, “debit memo request”, “request for quotation”, “quotation”, “contract”, “returns”, “free-of-charge order”, and “credit memo request”.

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