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 Change of Purchase Requisition


Sometimes it is necessary to change order data relating to a purchase order that has already been created. For example, this data could involve deadlines, quantities, quantity units or the delivery address. Sometimes entire external operations or components must also be deleted.

As a result, it can be necessary to change the corresponding purchase requisition. The following options are available for this:

  • The system changes the purchase requisition automatically using a workflow .

A workflow can be used to send all relevant changes to order data automatically to the appropriate purchasing group. This group can then display both the old and new version of the order data and take the necessary action.

Refer to Purchase Order Change (PM-WOC-MO/CS-SE) .

  • You change the purchase requisition manually using customer exits .

  • Using customer exit COZF0001, you can change purchase requisitions that result from external operations .

  • Using customer exit COZF0002, you can change purchase requisitions that result from external components .


The workflow must have been configured using the Customizing function individually for each order type and user.

You should have read the documentation about customer exits.

  1. From the initial SAP menu, choose Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step ABAP Workbench Next navigation step Utilities Next navigation step Enhancements Next navigation step Definition End of the navigation path .

  2. Enter the name of the enhancement.

  3. Then select Documentation and choose Display .