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 Changing Segment Data


With this function you can change the segment data in the business partner master data. You can change collection groups for each segment and control whether the collection specialist is to be swapped in this segment, retained, or deleted.


For the selection criteria, in addition to specific details for Collections Management such as the collection segment and collection group, you can also use business partner criteria such as the ID, date of creation, business partner category, and business partner grouping. If you use SAP Credit Management , you can also further restrict the resulting hit list by criteria specific to Credit Management, such as the risk class and score.

You can override the segment data that you have to enter on the selection screen using a Business Add-In (BAdI). To implement this BAdI, in Customizing for Financial Supply Chain Management , run the activity Start of the navigation path Collections Management Next navigation step Basic Settings for Collections Management Next navigation step Business Partners Next navigation step BAdI: Determination of Collection Group and Collection Specialist per Segment End of the navigation path .

You can start the report in test mode and, in the log, check which changes the system would carry out based on your selection.


To run the function, from the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Start of the navigation path Accounting Next navigation step Financial Supply Chain Management Next navigation step Collections Management Next navigation step Periodic Processing Next navigation step Business Partners Next navigation step Change Segment Data End of the navigation path .