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 Confirming Time Data

  1. Choose one of the transactions, with which you can confirm time data.

  2. For more information about which transactions you can use for this, and how to select and use these transactions, see Entry Options .

  3. Fill out the fields as required to confirm time data. If required, use the function Proposing Actual Data and (in the overall completion confirmation) the function Data for the Operation .

Note Note

Note for the overall completion confirmation :

The overall completion confirmation saves all the data , which has been displayed in one step on the entry screen or the accompanying dialog boxes. It also saves proposal data .

If you do not want to save certain confirmation or proposal data, you must delete these lines from the tables before saving.

Note for the individual time confirmation :

If you use the Save function during confirmation processing, you always save all the data entered so far for the operations you have processed. You always return to the initial confirmation screen.

End of the note.
  1. Save the completion confirmation.