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 AUTSW ADAYS (Tolerance Time for Authorization Check)


Authorization main switch that is used to specify the tolerance time of the authorization check in the event of an organizational change. You can use this switch to set up how long an administrator has access to the data he or she has created as long as this employee already has an organizational assignment outside his or her own authorization.


Enter the tolerance time of time logic for master data infotypes in calendar days. In the standard system, this switch is set to 15 (= 15 calendar days). If this switch is active, that is if it contains a value greater than zero, the organizational changes that cause users to lose authorization are delayed significantly by the tolerance time.


ADAYS is set to 15 . Only checks using P_ORGIN are activated in the system. Administrator A has write and read authorization for data in personnel area A; administrator B has the same authorizations for personnel area B. In addition, it is assumed that the time dependency of the authorization check (T582A- VALDT switch) is activated for all infotypes.

A personnel number was assigned to personnel area A until the December 31, 1999. From January 1, 2000, it is assigned to personnel area B. Administrator A’s period of responsibility finishes on December 31, 1999 but she has unlimited write and read authorization until January 15, 2000 (up to and including) because of the tolerance time. From January 16, 2000, administrator A loses write authorization. She is, however, still authorized to display all the data records that have a validity date (begin date) before December 31, 1999.