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 Maintaining HR Master Data


The functions for maintaining HR master data enable you to perform all the tasks necessary to enter, update, and analyze employee data.


  • You enter the data required for an employee in various infotypes. Infotypes group together the employee data according to related subject matter, making it easy to retrieve and process the data.

    Example Example

    In the Personal Data infotype (0002), you enter the employee’s name and birth data. You can add information on his or her marital status and religion, if necessary.

    End of the example.
  • Some employee data, such as the employee’s name or payroll data, must be stored in the system. For this reason, the infotypes contain required entry fields. You cannot conclude data entry until you have entered data in all of an infotype’s required entry fields.

  • There are many different ways to edit or display employee data. The functions for managing HR master data enable you to access an employee’s individual infotype records. The Fast Entry function, on the other hand, enables you to create and maintain an infotype record for many employees simultaneously.

  • When you perform essential personnel administration tasks, such as hiring a new employee, you must enter a wide variety of data in the system. This entails processing a series of infotypes. These basic tasks are grouped together as personnel actions.

    Each personnel action contains the infotypes that you must maintain to perform the task at hand. The infotypes are retrieved in succession so that you can maintain them. This ensures that you enter all of the information required for each personnel action type.