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 Use of Service Specifications


You can use service specifications that you enter for operations to be processed internally to:

  • Plan services in units of measure of all dimensions

  • Plan together multiple services that are provided in different dimensions

  • Define services uniformly (entry of service master in the service specifications)

  • Structure services in an unlimited number of levels

  • Meet general agreements

  • Agree conditions

  • Use service catalogs

  • Improve the description of work contents

For more information, see Configurable Service Specifications.


The system does not allow you to choose the calculation key of an operation to be processed internally with service specifications in such a way that the duration is calculated automatically from the work entered in the operation.

If you enter service specifications for an operation to be processed internally, you can no longer maintain the execution factor for this operation. If you had already entered the execution factor before entering the service specifications, the system automatically resets it to 1.


In your system, you must create a control key that is intended for internal processing and for which the “Service” indicator is selected.

Key Features

To create service specifications for an operation, you have the following options:

  • You select service specifications that already exist in the system as a copy model, for example, a standard service catalog, model service specifications or service specifications in a purchase order.

  • You create service specifications manually by describing the services in the short text.

For operations to be processed internally which allow the assignment of service specifications, the Work field is not available for input. The Work field is calculated using the total value of all the times in the service lines.

The system automatically enters the cumulative values from the times, which it has calculated based on the services planned for this operation in this field. In each service line, you have the option of entering a value in the Work field.

Example Example




Dig a 3 m trench

1 m 1.0 hour of work

3.0 hours

Lay 3 m of piping

1 m 0.5 hours of work

1.5 hours

Weld pipes

In this special case

2.0 hours

Total: Operation 0010

House service connection

6.5 hours

End of the example.

Note Note

For more information about estimating costs, see Estimation of Planned Costs.

End of the note.

For more information about working with service specifications in external processing, see Processing With Service Specifications.