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 Workflow Template WS17900391: Termination (Germany)


You use this workflow template for the country version for Germany. It provides a model of how you can set up the process for terminating an employee's contract in your enterprise. In this workflow template, the process starts with the employee submitting notice of his or her termination in a start application.

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Simple adjustments enable you to have the process triggered by the manager or HR administrator carrying out the termination.

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In this process, the follow-up activities run in parallel. The employee executes the Termination Life and Work Event, while the manager takes care of the employee's reference, for example, and the HR administrator adds any missing data.

Standard Tasks Used

Standard Task TS17900100: Edit Form

Standard Task TS17900101: Approve Form

Standard Task TS17900102: Form Is Edited Again by Author

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For more information about the process, see Termination (Germany) .