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 Partner Processing in the Order Header


The assignment and planning or employees is a vital element of effective customer service and efficient maintenance. As a rule, a service organization includes several organizational units with resources and is responsible for assigning and planning these resources.

When planning resources, it is normal to plan the available resources of the responsible organizational unit first, and not those of another organizational unit. In the SAP System, the organizational responsibility lies with the responsible work center for the order and its respective plant.

You can define that you want to process a partner directly in the order header in Customizing. You can maintain each partner function that you have assigned to the partner determination procedure for an order in Customizing.

In Customizing, you can assign different partner functions when assigning the partner determination procedure to the order. If the partner function is a type of person, for example, Responsible employee , you can select which search help the system should use in the field SpecSearch .


The following Customizing settings are required for this function:

  • In Customizing, choose Start of the navigation path Plant Maintenance and Customer Service Next navigation step Maintenance and Service Processing Next navigation step Maintenance and Service Orders Next navigation step Partner Next navigation step Define Partner Determination Procedure Next navigation step Assign Partner Determination Procedure to Order. End of the navigation path

  • Assign the partner function that you want to process in the order header to the order type.

  • Select the search help you want to use in the field SpecSearch .

  • You have the following options:

  • If you do not select the field, the system offers you a collective search help for personnel numbers, for example, surname/first name, or organizational assignment.

  • If you select the field, you can search for employees assigned to a work center or for employees with particular qualifications who are assigned to a work center.