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 Stock Transfer Procedure for Cross-Company-Code Stock Transfer


If the plants involved belong to different company codes, you can use the following stock transfer procedure:

  • One-step, plant-to-plant stock transfer procedure

  • Two-step, plant-to-plant stock transfer procedure

  • Stock transport order without the delivery function via shipping

  • Stock transport order with the delivery function via shipping (and billing document)

    Stock transport order with delivery and billing document is a hybrid of the standard purchase order and the stock transport order.

    • As for the stock transport order, the shipping data is determined and the transfer of stocks from one place to another is monitored.

    • As in the standard purchase order, pricing is executed when items are entered (standard items without an item category).

      In Purchasing, the price of the material in question is determined in the usual manner (from the info record, for example).

      When you use the delivery function in Shipping, the whole transaction – from the delivery through billing and invoice verification – is reflected in the system. The following Shipping functions are available for this:

    • Delivery: planning of shipping activities, picking, and packing, for example

    • Billing: pricing, for example

      In SD, pricing is also carried out as normal during the billing process.

In these transactions, the value of the stock transfer is posted to a company code clearing account in both the issuing and the receiving company codes.


You can carry out stock transfers with the delivery and billing function. In this procedure, the stock is transferred in the form of a sale between a supplying plant and a receiving plant.

For more information, see Stock Transport Order with Delivery and Billing Document/Invoice .