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 Creating Specifications

  1. Open the specification workbench and enter a key date or change number if required.

  2. In the navigation area choose the Create function in the context menu of the node <Specification Category> . <Specification Category> stands for the specification category of the specifications you want to create.

    The Create Specification: Header screen appears.

    Note Note

    You can also create specifications from the specification search screen or from the hit list. To do this, choose with the quick info text Create in the hit list.

    End of the note.
  3. Enter the required data on the Specification Header tab page and confirm your entries. If you do not enter a key in the Specification field, the system assigns a key to the specification when you confirm your entries.

  4. Enter the required data on the other tab pages and in the detail area of the specification workbench and save your entries. For more information, see:

  5. Save your entries.


The SAP system completes the administration data and sets the validity period depending on the change number specified. If you did not enter a change number, the validity period is unlimited.

If you entered a specification key, the SAP system checks the specification key against the external number range interval that you defined in the IMG activity Specify Number Ranges for Specifications in Customizing for Basic Data and Tools .