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 Displaying and Archiving Shop Papers


An order is archived once it becomes clear that no further postings will be made, that its data will no longer be changed, and required only in summarized form for display and evaluation purposes. At this point, the order is flagged for deletion and can be transferred to the maintenance history using an archiving program.

The maintenance history contains order data, together with data from notifications and the usage history data to assist you in evaluating previous tasks and planning future ones.

Purpose of the Maintenance History

You can find more information about the maintenance history in PM - Maintenance History .


Archiving Shop Papers

  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Order Next navigation step Print Next navigation step Operation selection End of the navigation path .

  2. You see a list of all the operations for the order.

  3. Select the operations for which you want to archive shop papers and choose Continue .

  4. The Select Shop Papers dialog box appears.

  5. Select the shop papers that you want to archive.

  6. Use Select to call up the detail screen for these shop papers and enter the desired indicator in the field Archiving mode . Choose Continue .

  7. You return to the Select Shop Papers dialog box.

  8. Choose Print/Fax .

The system saves the order.

The shop papers for the order are now archived according to their entries in the ArchiveLink and/or printed.

Displaying Archived Shop Papers

To display an object that is stored in the ArchiveLink with reference to an order, choose Start of the navigation path Environment Next navigation step Display original docs. End of the navigation path in the order.

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