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 Approval Process in Travel Planning


You can approve a travel plan in two ways:

  • manually in the entry transactions of Travel Planning

  • supported by SAP Business Workflow ®

If you want to use SAP Business Workflow, Travel Management supports the approval process with a reference approval procedure that you can adapt to suit your company’s requirements at any time.

For more information about the approval of a travel plan with SAP Business Workflow ® see the SAP Library under Basic ComponentsBusiness Management (BC-BMT)SAP Business Workflow (BC-BMT-WFM) → Reference Documentation → BC - Workflow Scenarios in ApplicationsFI -Financial Accounting: Workflow Scenarios OR PA - Personnel Management: Workflow ScenariosWorkflow Scenarios in Travel Management (FI-TV) .


The person who wants to approve a travel plan needs special authorization. For more information, see Authorization Checks in Travel Planning .

Process Flow

Approval via SAP Business Workflow

Approval via entry scenarios

The travel planning data is entered in the system by the traveler or a travel assistant

The traveler's superior approves the travel plan. This determined by the system automatically based on the maintained structural organization.

The superior can approve the travel plan, return it to the traveler for correction or reject it.

When the superior has approved the travel plan the traveler is informed of this via an automatically generated mail. The booking record is put in a processing queue of the connected travel agency.

If a correction is necessary the superior appends a message to this effect to the workflow. The employee receives a work item with this attachment. When the work item is executed the transaction to change the travel plan is started.

If the travel plan is rejected the superior enters a message that the traveler receives as a mail. The booking is then canceled.

The travel plan can also be approved directly in the entry transaction. The superior calls the appropriate travel plan in the entry transaction and carries out the Approve function.

This scenario strongly supports the decentralized trip entry model. This is supported by the Roles Concept in Travel Management .

The advantage is that it connects all persons who are involved in approval directly via the SAP System.

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