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  BW Reporting


You can evaluate data from Warranty Claim Processing in the SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) . Here you have the entire BW functionality at your disposal in terms of combining data to be evaluated, saving data, aggregating data and the graphical display of report results.

You can find further information in the documentation for SAP Business Information Warehouse.


The queries delivered by SAP list the following:

  • Top N claimant

  • Top N labor values

  • Total number of recalled objects

  • Frequency with which a warranty claim is made for damaged material

The Business Content objects can be found in the new information area for warranty claim processing.

The InfoProvider 0AU_WTY contains the following:

  • InfoCube Completed Claims 0AU_WTYG1

  • Master Data

    • Recall Number 0AU_RCL

    • Vehicle GUID 0AU_WVHGUID

  • ODS Objects

    • Warranty Claim Header 0AU_WTYH

    • Warranty Claim Version 0AU_WTYV

    • Warranty Claim Items 0AU_WTYI

    • Warranty Counter with its Limits 0AU_WTYM

    • Warranty Version and Item Measurement Documents 0AU_WTYMP


Check the delivered queries and, if required, assemble your own.