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 Create Dynamic Selections


Create Selection View

  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step ABAP Workbench Next navigation step Overview Next navigation step Object Navigator End of the navigation path .

  2. In the Development class field, enter the development class to which the selection view must be assigned (= customer development class).

  3. Choose Edit object .

  4. Select Selection view .

  5. Choose .

  6. Select For any tables , and enter a name that starts with PNP in the Name of view field (for example, PNP_CUS_01).

  7. Choose .

  8. In the Tables dialog box, enter the database tables of the infotypes from which the fields for your dynamic selections are taken (for example, PA0002 for infotype 2).

  9. Choose .

  10. In the Functional groups group box, enter a number and name for the functional group (for example, 01 and Dynamic Selections ).

  11. You can group your dynamic selections together in a functional group, or you can group them together by infotype. If you choose the latter option, dynamic selections are sorted by infotype when queries are executed.

  12. In the Tables/Nodes group box, select an infotype for processing by double clicking on it.

  13. In the Table fields/Node fields group box, enter the number of the functional group or groups in the input fields displayed in front of the fields you want to use as dynamic selections (for example, 01).

  14. If you want a field to be immediately available as a dynamic selection when a query is executed, select its Preselection checkbox.

    If fields are not included in the preselection, you can use them as dynamic selections as required.

  15. Choose .

Define Report Category With Selection View

  1. Access Customizing for the Human Resources Information System (by choosing Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step AcceleratedSAP Next navigation step Customizing Next navigation step Edit Project Next navigation step SAP Reference IMG: Personnel Management Next navigation step Human Resources Information System End of the navigation path ).

  2. Choose Start of the navigation path Reporting Next navigation step Adjusting the Standard Selection Screen Next navigation step Create Report Categories End of the navigation path .

  3. Create a report category. When you do so, enter the name of the selection view that you created in the Name of selection view field.

  4. If you require general information on how to create report categories, see the documentation on the Customizing activity. If you create report categories for dynamic selections , SAP advises you to make a copy of a standard report category (whose other properties meet your requirements), and to then use your selection view in the new report category.

  5. Save your report category.