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 Synchronization of SAP Travel Planning with Reservation System

SAP Travel Planning ensures comprehensive synchronization of travel plans in the SAP system with the current data from the connected reservation system. This includes both online and offline synchronization.

Synchronization is an important prerequisite for handling modifications to posting records ( PNRs - Passenger Name Records) that have been made outside the SAP system. This is the case, for example, if the reservation of a flight on a waiting list is confirmed in the reservation system or if the traveler changes the booking at the airport directly. To ensure that the data in the SAP system is always as up to date as that in the reservation system, the travel plans (the PNR ) must be synchronized.

Online Synchronization

Online synchronization is performed automatically each time a travel plan is accessed in the SAP system in editing mode, since this creates an updated PNR . This form of synchronization has a processing limit. Three days after the end of the trip, the PNR can no longer be called up in the reservation system. The PNR can also no longer be read in SAP Travel Planning and can only be accessed in display mode.

Offline Synchronization

Offline synchronization, which can be performed on a regular basis (for example using a background job), compares modifications to bookings (PNRs) made outside of the SAP system with the internal SAP Travel Planning data and updates this data as required.

Depending upon the connected reservation system, certain programs are available to set up this synchronization. These are described in the following sections:

Synchronization with Amadeus

Synchronization with Galileo

Synchronization with the Deutsche Bahn Corporate Portal (BIBE)