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 Time Completion Confirmation


You enter time completion confirmations for operations and sub-operations for maintenance and service orders to document the status of the processing for these operations.


You need to be integrated with Time Management ( Personnel Time Management (PT) component) for the following functions:

  • Entry of general data on attendance and absence

  • Entry of time and additional data in Time Management

  • Time collation


You can only enter time completion confirmations for an order operation if it has been released.


For information on which confirmation transactions you can use for the individual functions outlined below, see Entry Options .

Confirmation of Time Data

You can confirm the following time data:

  • Who processed the operation/sub-operation


The operation was processed by an employee with personnel number D001760 at work center ME-01 in plant 0001.

  • How long the work took and the period in which it occurred


The operation required three hours work. The work was started at 9.00 on 1/12/1997 and finished at 12.00 on the same day.

  • What activity was performed


The activity type entered for the operation was "working time".

  • How much longer work must continue


The remaining work required for the operation totals five hours.

  • How much of the operation time was used (duration)


The operation has lasted five hours (until now).

However, the work duration totals only three hours.

This scenario could occur, for example, if the operation involves painting an object:

The painting work takes three hours. The paint then needs to dry for two hours. Only then can work on the object (or the next operation) be continued.

  • When is the operation expected to be completed


Since this operation can only be worked on for three hours each day, the estimated completion time (Forecast end ) is at 12.00 on 1/25/1997.

  • Whether the work for this operation/sub-operation is completed


Once the painting planned in the operation is finished, the employee entering the last confirmation flags the operation as "finally confirmed".

  • Whether the reservations still outstanding should be cleared

Several pots of paint were reserved for the painting work. However, not of all them were used. The employee entering the completion confirmation indicates that the outstanding reservations should be invalidated.

  • A free text

For more information about entering time data, see Confirming Time Data .

Entry of Completion Confirmations for Individual Capacities

If required, the planner can enter the following data for each individual operation during planning:

  • It should be processed by several persons, if necessary, at specific times

  • It should be processed by a single employee at specific times

This type of planning is known as splitting .

Splits are taken into account at the confirmation stage. You can enter individual completion confirmations for different splits.

Example Example

The operation "Paint shop floor", which is planned to take 32 hours, was split by the maintenance planner into two 16-hour partial operations:

End of the example.
  • Partial operation 1: Early shift, employees performing the job: Smith and Jones

  • Partial operation 2: Late shift, employees performing the job: Reeves and Mortimer

Smith and Jones enter a final confirmation for their part operation at the end of the early shift. Reeves and Mortimer each confirm eight hours, plus two extra hours for remaining work.

For more information about entering completion confirmations for individual capacities, see Entering a Completion Confirmation for Individual Capacities .

Entry of General Data on Attendance and Absence

You can enter general data on attendance and absence in Time Management. General absences include absences that do not require any special processing. For example:

  • Special leave to get married

  • Illness without continued pay

  • Unpaid holiday

General attendances include attendance which does not detract from quotas (for example, business trips).

For more information about entering general data on attendance and absence, see Attendances/Absences and Time Management .

Entry of Time and Additional Data in Time Management

You can enter data that is important for Time Management.

For more information, see List Entry of Time and Additional Data in Time Management and Time Management .

Performing a Time Collation

You can define the available capacity of the employee whose personnel number is entered in the completion confirmation.

For more information, see Time Collation and Time Management .